"Yet another Richochet Robot solver", you might think. There are so many, why should you try this one? I think, there are three good reasons:

If your computer is not produced earlier than in, say, 2000, you will be able to solve any real-game position. The vast majority of them within seconds. If your computer has at least 512 MB of RAM, you will be able to solve nearly any position, even very complex ones. In fact, it will be hard to create a position which cannot be solved.

The executables are available for Linux and Windows. Since the complete source-code is included, you should also be able to compile them for other platforms.

The Game

If you want to learn more about the game itself, try these links:

A review of the game
The Ricochet Robot Challenge



Just download one of the above files, unpack it, and read the README and the docs.

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